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Shanae Cooper-Robinson

Shanae Writes

Embrace the power of words with Shanae

With Shanae, creativity knows no bounds, and your writing aspirations find their authentic voice.


Step into the captivating realm of an exceptionally talented author, Shanae Cooper-Robinson, where the magic of storytelling knows no limits, and words come alive to stir your soul. Shanae invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey. Whether you seek to breathe life into your ideas through ghostwriting, gain valuable literary critiques, or secure your dream job with a winning resume, her warm and professional approach will guide you every step.

Book Reviewing

Are you an author in search of insightful critiques and valuable feedback? Shanae stands ready to review your literary creations with an attentive eye and eloquent insights. Her honest and constructive feedback will provide what you need to ensure your best version is put forward.

Resume Writing

In the competitive world of career growth, a powerful resume is your ticket to success. Let Shanae take the reins as your career architect, skillfully crafting a resume highlighting your unique strengths and accomplishments. With her expertise, your professional story will stand out, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers.

Ghost Writing

Shanae excels as a ghostwriter, weaving untold tales and narratives with expert precision. Her ability to embody diverse perspectives ensures that your vision is beautifully translated into a compelling and engaging masterpiece.

Speech Writing

Beyond her literary talent, Shanae understands the dynamic needed to create an impactful speech. She skillfully structures each piece, creating a seamless flow that keeps listeners engaged. With her guidance, you'll deliver your message with conviction and leaving a lasting impression.

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