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Shanae Cooper-Robinson

Shanae Speaks

As an author, she empowers single parent mothers, college students going through financial instabilities, teen age or high schoolers experiencing peer pressure and the average person trying to make ends meet.

Mrs. Shanae Cooper-Robinson is a Generativity Strategist...

Shanae Cooper- Robinson is the bestselling author of From the Root to the Fruit: Rising Above Adversities, an Awarding Winning Public Speaker, Mentor, Poet and a Book Reviewer. She is often seen at professional events, teaching audiences how to rise above their adversities and fulfill their purpose with passion in order to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Shanae is a Generativity Strategist who believes in passing on skills and knowledge to others especially the upcoming generation. She is resolute in her beliefs that everyone can bloom, blossom and bare wonderful fruits if the right conditions are in place. She uses her God-given gift and expertise as an author, educator and speaker to impact, inspire and motivate educators, kingdom builders, students, single parent mothers to become the best versions of themselves while rising above their adversities.

Shanae has spoken at the : Global Education Teacher Summit, the Western Hospitality Institute, Jamaica Teachers’ Association Half yearly Meeting, Bethlehem Moravian College, High, Primary, Basic Schools, Churches, just to name a few and is slated to speak at the Best Diplomat Summit in Dubai 2023.

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Best-selling author, and award-winning speaker


❖Generativity, Impact and Purpose (GIP) – everyone was born with gifts, talents, skills and the ability to do great things but it takes tenacity or will power to pursue those purposes in order to make an impact in this world and leave a generational footprint. In this presentation, learn how to effectively convert your purpose to impact to effect the upcoming generation.

❖ Using Your Adversities to Venture into Fields of Diversities- often times ones adversities stand as hindrance to pursuing other passions. In this presentation you will learn at least three effective strategies to use to turn your adversities into diverse business ventures.

❖ Using Education to Diminish the Severity of Poverty- Nelson Mandela said it perfect ,“Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” It is the poor man’s liberating tool from poverty. In this presentation, learn how education can be used to break down barriers and quell poverty.

❖ From the Root to Fruit- learn how your beginning can set the stage for your success and triumphs.


✓ The National Standards Curriculum- There has been a shift in paradigm, hence a new era of teaching and learning has unfolded. As a result of this, educators have to plan strategically to incorporate the use of the 21st century skills, Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics (STEAM) or STEM. Learn about the different aspects of this curriculum and how you can gain mastery of its usage.

✓ The E-Portfolio- in this digital era having an Electronic- Portfolio sets you (the educator) above your competitor, since all that your current or prospective employers want to know about you are at their finger tips. The E- Portfolio is, “a dynamic record of your qualification and professional growth over a period of time. It speaks to your competence and commitment to your profession.” Shanae will share how you can infuse the six guiding principles within your E- Portfolio and master the art of the appraisal process.

✓ Using Digital and Non- Digital Games- Commanding the attention of and appealing to the interest of 21 century learners is a huge task. This requires using low to high end technologies or games to enthuse and grab their attention. This presentation will teach you how to pique and maintain learners’ interest using online and offline games.

✓ Using your Words as Weapon of Mass Construction – words are powerful tools that can either make or break people. Using your Words as Weapon of Mass Construction explores five ways in which you can lift ones’ morale using positive affirmations or words.

Topics Shanae Is Available To Speak On

❖ From the ROOT to the FRUIT
❖ Generativity, Impact and Purpose (GIP)
❖ Using Your Adversities to Venture into Fields of Diversities
❖ Using Education to Diminish the Severity of Poverty
❖ Five Ways to Overcome Peer- Pressure: Workable Solutions for Teens
❖ PR the Brand and Followers’ Booster
❖ Tips on how to Write a Good Memoir
❖ Three Ways to use Different Aspects of your Website to Increase your Visibility
❖ 5 Ways to Craft a Superb Speaker and Media Sheet to Attract Speaking Engagements
❖ Essential Aspects of a Website
❖ Writing for Greater Exposure
❖ Self – Care
❖ Professionalism
❖ The Value of Education

Shanae Cooper-Robinson has spoken on the following platforms:


True Worship Apostolic Church (Speaker)


Oxford Apostolic Church (Speaker)


Global Education Teacher (GET) Summit (Featured Speaker)


Western Hospitality Institute (Public Speaker)


Bethlehem Moravian College (Presenter)


Infant Schools (Mistress of Ceremony)


Primary Schools (mistress of ceremony & Public SPeaker)


High Schools (public speaker)

Where Shanae Has Been Featured:

Available to speak at/on:

  • Churches
  • Workshops & Book Signing
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Conferences, Summits, Webinars
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Television & Radio Shows Interviews
  • Blog Features
  • Newspaper & Magazine Publications

Why You Should Choose Shanae

Goal- oriented authority and thought leaders including: educators, kingdom builders choose me when they are ready to write and deliver their awe- inspiring speeches that keep their listeners asking for more. If you need an expert to speak with clarity, charisma, passion, and purpose; look no further, the “secret sauce” for your demand is discovered. As a multiple- times featured author who has spoken on some of the biggest platforms to include but not limited to: Mornin’ Barbados, Television Jamaica, CVM Television, and the Global Education Teacher Summit. I not only have a sweet spot for writing but also speaking.

I am passionate about helping you to write your signature speech, one that has your audience hanging in suspense for the next one.

• Do you want to leave your audience asking who wrote that speech?
• Are you passionate about getting quality speakers for your top notch events?
• Do you really want to create a speaking and writing blueprints that raise the bar high for your audience?

This is your golden opportunity. Again, I am glad you chose me!

Mrs. Cooper-Robinson is ready to transform the lives of those in your audience. Download the speaker sheet for more info and introductions.

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The GET SUMMIT sessions were very interesting, informative and edifying but somehow Shanae’s speaking session resonated with me. Her session had me reminiscing. While she was presenting I remembered vividly my past experiences and could relate. I salute Shanae and I am proud of her as well as grateful to know that I have met such a strong, black woman like her. I had the opportunity of working with Shanae after the GET SUMMIT and what can I say, Shanae always goes the extra mile to make sure that her clients are satisfied. She is detail-oriented and one who you can count on to meet your deadlines. She is a very effective and efficient individual who displays excellence in whatever she does.
Miss A. McDonald
Principal - jamaica
It was a pleasure meeting you Shanae Cooper- Robinson at the Global Education Teacher Summit 2023. Shanae’s words were really moving and motivating for the audience.
Alejandra Yuszcsyssyn
Vice Principal - Argentina

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