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Shanae Cooper-Robinson

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“Education is the master key for any door” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” are the philosophies that Shanae holds firmly.

From The Root To The Fruit

In 2022 I published my life changing book From the Root to the Fruit: Rising Above adversities which became an Amazon Best Seller, soon to be an International Award Winning Book and its title was used for Jamaica Day 2023. I wrote this book because I wanted to share my struggles with single parents mothers, high schoolers facing peer pressure, poverty-stricken youth, college students experiencing financial struggles and the average man trying to make ends meet. I wanted to give them the assurance that they are not alone and it’s possible to rise above their adversities because I have done so triumphantly. Additionally, I was intentional in sharing the message that there is ‘power in your pain’ and hope in your despair.

Using my book as a key to open other doors of opportunities I educate to leave a generational blueprint because I am a Generativity Strategist. I also speak and write to impact, inspire and motivate. After one year of publication I have been featured in at least 12 media outlets, have spoken on more than 20 different platforms, reviewed at least 6 books
for the Non-fictions Authors’ Association, presented at two shy of 10 workshops , wrote dozens of resumes and a number of speeches for administrators, educators and students.

This book is about rising above adversities when faced with challenges and hardship. It epitomizes the author’s life experiences, including her grassroot encounters and upbringing as well as her triumphs and achievements. It might also be called a book of perseverance.

Stemming from the bowels of poverty, from an early age, gave Shanae the zest to change the norm. She was driven to be the change she wanted to see. She grew up in a household that was headed by her mother, who is the most hardworking lady on this earth. Her work ethics is unmatched. She has six children, four of whom were fathered by her. Shanae’s father was absent from her life, so mummy had to capitalize on opportunities working odd jobs in order to cater for their needs.

This book epitomizes using aspects of one’s past to pave the way for the future. Our life experiences shape us into the individuals we are today. We go through numerous disappointments and belittling encounters in our life, but we cannot allow those to dissuade our dreams. We ust use our experiences as steppingstones to reach our destination.

Our society tends to focus on the product, yet fail to highlight the process that leads to the end product. Where we are from or our start doesn’t have to interfere with where we want to go.

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This book is about rising above adversities when faced with challenges and hardship. 

The Inspiration For Writing From The Root To The Fruit

Listen to how Shanae used all the adversities that she and her family faced as a young girl with rough days and trying times and how she overcame with grace, favor, and great people who rallied around her to help and encourage her to finish her journey. You too can overcome.


From the Root to the Fruit not only gives testimony of the author's many adversities; but also offers a proven pathway to success via faith , family and education. Everyone comes into the earth realm with gifts, and those gifts are meant to be used for the betterment of humanity and in so doing , we bless ourselves as well. Shanae Cooper- Robinson has done that by penning this book... sharing her struggles and her many gifts with the world.



This book has inspired me to keep pushing! In the midst of all adversity, pressures of life, obstacles, unfortunate circumstances, everything that was meant to keep this author stagnant and below. With God's grace you were able to persevere with hard work and you accomplished so much. This is a must read for anyone who feels like they cannot acheive. This will motivate you to push and see the results of not giving up.

Queen Caesar

Author & Entrepreneur

Great book with a powerful Testimony. Very captivating and impacful. I love the pictorial included at the back of the book. Beautifully presented.❤

Donna Morris


This author of this book really empowered us with her story from poverty to purpose. So many times people go through hardships and they become victims of their circumstances, but this book reminded me that we can be victors. Really inspiring. Blessings



I am totally in awe after reading ' From The Root to the Fruit'. It blew my mind to think that a child could have faced such harsh adversities in life and be on top of her game today. This book is a 'must read' for everyone in general, but moreso for the youths who cherish the idea that because of where they're coming from they cannot shine later in life. The positive message brought out in this book will definitely resonate with readers of all ages but especially to the younger generation. Kudos to Shanae Cooper-Robinson.

Sheri R.


This book was a very motivating yet emotional read. It reminds me that despite our current circumstances, God is always in the back, front and beside us making a way. The writer was very transparent with her experiences which makes this book relatable. You won't regret this buy!!! One person found this helpful



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