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Shanae Cooper-Robinson


Rejoice ye barren because you shall be joyful mother of children.

Let Hannah arise, say farewell to Peninnah. How can a woman multiply when pronounced barren?

I got the joyful news that one of my church sisters has given birth to her third son when I was a young lady growing up in the church. Prior to his birth outside of my ignorance and humor I told her that I need a girl this time around jokingly, that was my bet.

When I heard that my wish didn’t come through I hissed my teeth for losing my bet, not for the boy that God blessed her with. When the news was disclosed,  I was in the company of a high profile church leader. He reprimanded me first,  then told me that I should repent and finally cast the  curse of barrenness on me. My hope and dream of becoming a mother was shattered, but at the back of my mind I still had a ray of hope because I refused to let the negativity soaked in. Every day I carried that guilt and pain because of just one ignorant action that this leader used to seal my doom.    

In 2015,  there was a tent meeting crusade .  After  days of the meeting,  I met  a well respected and prominent Cayman based bishop’s  armor bearer Bro. Johnson.  He was just discerning all that I have been going through. He shared that while I was doing my chores at the house that he and his bishop were staying he saw the hurt, pain and the scars behind what was shown at face value. We talked that morning  to a great extent, then broke the conversation because I had work. I shared my hurt and how I was falsely accused of doing something I didn’t do. He flew out of the country , went home. Shortly after that he sent me a scripture verse taken from Psalms 113: 9  “He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.” I didn’t tell him anything about that experience, so I knew that it had to be the work of God. I read it, then like Sarah began laughing. The curse that was cast upon me , he had broken with that one scripture.

Like Hannah the Lord had enlarged my territory , no longer was Phenniah’s voice heard in my head to provoke me to jealousy, anger or regret . The Lord heard my cry and has spoken to His servant , who shared the scripture with me, so that I could get my baby ‘Samuel.’

I knew that even if the word tarries, it shall surely come to pass.

When I was about to give birth to my second baby, the unforeseen could have happened, but I held firm to God’s words that should come to past. I shall be a joyful mother of children.  I remember vividly when the baby was ready to make its way into this world , I went to the nurse on duty, told her that the baby was making its entry. She demanded me to go and lie down back because  I am not ready. I went to her again,  she cautioned me that she had checked me before and I wasn’t ready. God sent two student doctors in the delivery room to honour his words, I told them to please call the nurse once more because my time of giving birth  is at hand. One went and returned echoing the nurse’s words. I turned to them and shared that a second or minute  in the realm of time can make a huge difference. It can determine life or death. The baby is ready. They both shook their heads in approval, then went  to call her. The nurse came back very upset, sent for my basin and even though the baby was coming, she told me not to push. I shared that I couldn’t help what was happening, it was involuntary.   I listened to my inner voice and the instruction of the awesome nurse that delivered my first baby in my mind and did what my instinct told me to. The baby gushed out in a split second , the student doctors caught the baby , had they not she would have fell to the floor and the worse thing happened.

I am happy that God is a God of second chances. When His words are spoken, they will come to fruition. He is not slack concerning His promises as men are.  

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