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Shanae Cooper-Robinson


1. BLESS YOUR BOOK- the best decision that you can ever make is to ask for God’s blessings and direction with your book. Hence, you start your journey with God, pray for His guidance, and for Him to open avenues so that favour upon favour will be bestowed.

2. PREPARE YOUR SIGNATURE SPEECH- this is the speech of all speeches. It is actually like your logo, it doesn’t change. You share your story with the world.

3. HAVE A BOOK PROMOTION– if you are that author who aspires for the best seller badge on Amazon , then a book promotion will suit you well. Running a book promotion, you can drop the price or provide free kindle download to drive sales. Authors exchange free kindle version for reviews as well.

4. DON’T PANIC EVENTHOUGH THINGS WILL GET OVERWHELMING – when you become a first time author, the adrenaline rush, excitement and nerve rocking experiences that you feel are real. Even though having a good publisher furnishes you with the required information, it doesn’t rid you of the opportunity to learn on your own. You have to put your shoulders to the wheel, apply, apply and put in the work to get the results that you want.

5. INCREASE YOUR MARKETABILITY- you have to package yourself into a brand that everyone wants. Your image matters, what you say and how you say it. The signature speech, the sleek/ slay outfit work wonders.

6. VOLUNTEER/ GIVE FREE SERVICE TO BUILD YOUR CREDIBILITY- what most young authors don’t know is that, nobody knows you nor your capabilities, as a result of that, you have to volunteer your service to create a mark. When given this chance you endeavour to do it to the best of your ability, so that you will get recommendations, referrals and call backs.

7. CONSIDER BRANDING YOUR BOOK- your book can provide opportunities for spin offs (public speaking engagements, coaching services, hosting seminars, being guest speakers, etc.) and multiple streams of incomes. Now that your book has become a business , think about registering it, get your logo, create your business symbols as well as get additional copyrights and deposit copies to the National Library of Jamaica.

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