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Shanae Cooper-Robinson


1. CREATE E-MAIL LIST– E-mail marketing is one of the many ways that you can build a reliable fan-base. It is not only about selling books, but help the author to develop a platform that can provide a safe haven just incase facebook, youtube, twitter or instagram fail.

2. MARKET YOUR BOOK- presence makes a huge difference with your prospective buyers. What they see and hear can determine whether or not they buy. Taking pre-orders and distributing flyers can heighten awareness about your book.

3. SEND PRE- MESSAGES TO MEDIA FOR INTERVIEWS /HEADS UP- this will help you with marketing to a wider audience so that more people know about your book.

4. HAVE ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS TO RAISE AWARENESS- most of your prospective customers hang out on social media platforms. Consequently, you can use this opportunity to advertise your book and do video marketing. Facebook, instagram and whatsapp are some great ones. For connection and business opportunities used Linkedin , if you want to trend use Twitter.

5. SET UP YOUR BOOK LAUNCH TEAM- hard work pays, however working smart rid you of tiresomeness. It a great idea to delegate duties to persons in your inner circle or support system that have your best interest at heart. Having 5-10 reliable individuals who are willing to put in the work with you get you a far way.

6. MAKE A LIST OF PROSPECTIVE BUYERS- a common mistake that most young authors make, is to believe that all the persons who write down their names on pre-order list will actually buy your book. Nope, most times you don’t get their support. You have to cast your net far and wide. Every opportunity you get you sell your story, don’t only rely on a list.

7. THINK ABOUT YOUR ESTIMATE HARD COPIES- everyone strives for that Best Seller Badge on Amazon when you get a large number of your books sell in a short space of time. If you are an author who is looking on the business side of your book, you focus more on getting hard copies in your hand to sell instead of relying solely on Amazon for sale. Truth is I don’t know how I go about collecting royalties from Amazon for sale.

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