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Shanae Cooper-Robinson


1. REACH OUT TO THE MEDIA FOR INTERVIEWS – this will help with marketing, build your visibility as an author and open additionally opportunities such as spin offs for your book.

2. DO BOOK TOURS- this help to drive sale, give you the chance to meet, greet, take pictures, and sign books for your supporters.

3. ENGAGE IN PUBLIC SPEAKING- this is a great way to market yourself by putting what you look like and represent out there in the public’s eyes.

4. CONTINUE MARKETING- there is no substitute method for getting your books into the hands of the right people except for marketing (on and offline) using social media and your presence.

5. HAVE A BOOK LAUNCH PARTY – a book launch party can be used to sell you the author as a brand, help you to interact with supporters as well as help your supporters to learn more about your book and other products and services that you offer.

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