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Shanae Cooper-Robinson


Shanae Cooper-Robinson

Award Winning Public Speaker, Poet | Amazon Best Seller Author Book Reviewer | Educator

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Meet Shanae

Shanae Cooper-Robinson is a graduate of the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and the Bethlehem Moravian College. Shanae currently holds a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education, with a minor in Mathematics. 

She is an Author, Book Reviewer for the Nonfiction Authors Association(N.F.A.A.), Educator,  Public, Motivational  Speaker, Poet, Generativity Strategist. On the other hand, she wears many hats that fit. She is a Child of King Jesus, an Event Planner, a Decorator, a Certified pastry Chef, a Teacher Mentor, and an Executive Member of the Mentors’ Association of Jamaica.  Mrs. Robinson is an Award Winning Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (J.C.D.C.) public speaker, poet, and author of three poems that entered and medalled in the JCDC Speech competition.  She is an Amazon Best Seller Author who has been featured in multiple media outlets.

Mrs. Cooper-Robinson is an ardent reader, who loves to read extensively but also enjoys writing speeches and poems. Additionally, she loves to decorate, bake, cook, and socialize. Mrs. Robinson is married and has two beautiful and adorable children, Rav2.

My Adversities

Before I blossomed into this wonderful fruit, I experienced a lot of ‘adversities’ (can I put it as my root experiences?) I stemmed from the bowels of poverty. I grew up in a broken single parent family household. My father was absent from my life, so mummy had to go to market as well as worked odd jobs to suffice the needs of my siblings and I . My mummy’s work ethics was and still is unmatched. There was no limit to the ethical things she did to suffice our needs. She played the role of a mother and father well for many years.

Despite making huge sacrifices, life was still rough. It has even gotten worst when a life changing tragedy struck. As a result of that dilemma, my mom lost her mind at the time when my youngest brother was a baby. My siblings and I went through a series of depression, despair, emotional tiers. Our home was broken; consequently we went to live with our grandmother, then aunt. I can recall fourteen (14) of us living in one room.


We suffered psychologically and emotionally from the situation. Life has never been the same since. You can read more about this in my 1st book (From the Root to the Fruit: Rising Above Adversities) which became an Amazon Best Seller, soon to be an International Award Winning Book and it’s title was used for Jamaica Day 2023.

Despite my adversities, I excelled academically and materially. I became the first person in my family to graduate from high school, get CXCs and go to college. I have broken down many generational barriers. Even though I have broken many ceilings, I felt like there was
just more for me to do and become because God isn’t through with me yet.

My Triumphs

Jeremiah 29: 11 , “For I know the plans I have for you ,” declares the Lord, “ plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I knew that there was more to life than my adversities, so I was on a quest to pursue my purpose , unleash my potential and discover my passion. This burning desire sent me in search of the W’s of life. I knew I had a God- given purpose and I wanted to fulfill that. It was through obedience that I resurrected my dormant skills and wrote my book which is the basis of my brand! All the adversities that were meant to be disadvantageous turned into my message to help others experiencing the same thing rise above them. I began sharing my stories, experiences, knowledge, and lessons (my message) of which are transforming other people’s lives positively.

Since then, I have been busy writing books, started getting featured in local and international television programs, newspapers, , blogs, summits, and podcasts. I have a passion to empower single parent mothers, poverty- stricken youth, college students experiencing financial instabilities, the average man trying to make ends meet, high schoolers going through peer pressure and individuals who are purpose driven.

How Did I Get Here ?

What Shanae Has To Say..

From conscious recollection as far as my memory extends, I have always been a self- driven, intrinsically motivated, zealous, ambitious, and determined and a real goal-getter girl – who always strived for excellence. Growing up in a poverty- stricken community in Westmoreland, Jamaica, I was adamant that I would not fall a victim to my circumstances or adversities. With this mindset, I carved a path that would redeem me from my circumstances. I used education as an escape route and cemented my belief and faith in God who made a way of escape for me. I believe that, “all things work together for good to them that love
God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8: 28


Our goal is to exude excellence in speaking and writing as well as to provide quality service to all clients.

“Education is the master key for any door” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Who We Serve

Impact- driven individuals (educators, kingdom builders, students) choose me as their first preference when they are ready to write quality content and need an individual who speaks and writes with clarity, knowledge and experience.

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